Welcome to GMA’s resource section. This section is provided to inform and advise candidates about job search and career issues.  It is important to stay informed about trends and best practices.


Your successful job search depends upon your ability to communicate your value to potential employers. Recruiters and hiring managers are looking for that special candidate who can fill their position and actively wants to work for their company. Here are some links to great tips to make sure your resumé stands out from the rest:

• The STAR Approach to Resumé Writing

• 8 Tips for Writing a Stronger Resumé

• 10 Resume Tips for Engineers

• 10 Things to Leave OFF Your Resume


Preparation and practice will help you stand out at your next interview with prospective employers. Your preliminary research should enable you to see how your strengths and experience can benefit your prospective employer. Practice makes your delivery perfect! The following links will assist you in considering all aspects of interview preparation:

• How to Stand Out At An Interview

• What Not To Say Or Do At An Interview

• (A Whole Book) On Interview Success – Get The Edge


Negotiating an offer for a new position requires careful consideration. Relocation costs and cost-of-living differences between your present and prospective locations can seriously impact a decision to accept an offer. We’ve selected some resource links to help you determine your best career moves:

• Salary Calculator – This tool can show you the difference in average earnings to compare two cities, and show the national average.

• Relocation Resources – Additional tools here help you plan a relocation, get community information, and more.