Our Difference

Genie Matthews & Associates is a leader in niche recruiting. Our high rate of placement success and track record of productivity in the chemical process, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotech, mining, fibers/resins, agrochemical and related industries ensures outstanding results.

Specialized Process

Customization is our competitive advantage. We take the time to understand your business, and then define the parameters of your hiring needs within a strategic plan. Every recruiting assignment is unique. Genie Matthews & Associates prides itself on constructing an individualized recruitment strategy based on your distinctive climate, structure and objectives.


About NPA: NPA, The Worldwide Recruiting Network, is a global recruiting network of nearly 400 firms representing over a thousand individual consultants. NPA, founded in 1956, helps premier independent recruiters leverage relationships with each other to find the best candidates, in the shortest amount of time, for their clients.

About IPA: Established in 1972 and built on a reputation of trust and integrity, IPA (Inter-City Personnel Associates) now extends across the United States. IPA members represent some of the best personnel recruiting firms in the nation.