Process Engineer – Pryor, OK USA

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Process Engineer needed to provide the technical know-how necessary to operate the facilities ammonia and upgrade operations with the most efficient use of raw materials and services; meet safety, quality, and regulatory standards; develop and implement process improvements including safety and process control systems; and to develop and implement programs to ensure operators have the appropriate skills to perform their tasks safely and effectively.

–Collaborate with operators and maintenance personnel to influence the activities of workers who operate and control such equipment as condensers, absorption and evaporation towers, pumps, valves, tanks, boilers, compressors, piping, etc. to effect required chemical or physical change.
–Analyze process data to identify trends and provide process and equipment performance monitoring. Work with technical team to find optimization and reliability opportunities through data analytics.
–Manage catalyst life cycle and use engineering and economic principles to most effectively catalyst performance
–Perform tests and take measurements throughout stages of production to determine degree of control over variables such as temperature, density, pH, specific gravity, and pressure.
–Determines most effective use of unit operations exercising judgment to compromise between safety, process requirements, economic evaluation, operator effectiveness, and physical and health hazards.
–Understands the requirements of operating and documenting changes within a PSM covered facility.
–Applies principles of chemical engineering to provide technical assistance to Environmental Department to solve environmental problems.
–Actively Participate in Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), Management of Change (MOC) process, and capital project design reviews.
–Can read, edit, and create P&IDs, ISO drawings, vessel and piping system drawings, instrument lists, while working with a drafter.
–Analyzes operating procedures, equipment, and machinery functions to improve material efficiency and improve product quality.
–Understand Process Control Elements within the operating environment to optimize the process and troubleshoot operational issues.


–BS Degree in Chemical, or Mechanical Engineering (B.S.) with 2+ years experience in a refining, petro-chemical, chemical manufacturing facility.
–Desire to work with shift operation teams to improve unit operations and develop process optimization strategies with the operators.
–Experience in a PSM regulated process and control engineering.
–Willingness to work in a 24/7 continuous chemical processing facility around dust, chemicals, high temperature, loud noises, and running equipment.
–Able to work in the USA without sponsorship, now or in the future

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