Happy Holidays!

December 21st, 2015 by Staff
Wishing you peace and joy during the holiday season and throughout the New Year!

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How to Construct a LinkedIn Profile That Sells

December 7th, 2015 by Staff
Your entire social media presence impacts your ability to attract both clients as well as candidates, says Barb Bruno. Your LinkedIn profile should not just regurgitate your resume; it should be a mini sales letter showing why clients should use you vs. your competition. She explains in detail how to rework your LinkedIn profile to make it a powerful sales tool for you.

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Hiring NOW! Are you an outstanding Electrical Engineer?

September 23rd, 2015 by Staff

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Top 10 Reasons to Call a Professional Recruiter

August 27th, 2015 by Staff

By Dave Nerz

I am a pretty independent and resourceful person. I like a good challenge. I am willing to try almost anything once. Maybe you are the same?

So when something breaks in my house, I will give it go and try to fix it myself. The air conditioner went out last week and I gave it a try. Flipping breakers, replacing filters, oiling fans, etc. No success. The feedback was pretty immediate, no cold air meant sleeping in a house that was near 85 degrees Fahrenheit, so fairly hot and uncomfortable for Michigan. Time to call a professional. Next day, the HVAC professional got us back on the path to cool air and comfortable sleeping.

When tax time comes around, I could do it myself for home, but the business is too important to mess with the do-it-yourself models. We are in business for reasons other than doing the taxes…that is something a professional needs to do. If I get a letter that requires legal review and attention, a professional is called in to help. Professionals serve a purpose and frequently do things better, more effectively and with less negative consequence than going it alone.

So what does this have to do with recruitment? These are tough times to find and attract qualified talent. So why are so many using employers using homegrown, do-it-yourself, and internal methods? Maybe independent recruiters need to better explain the value they deliver. Or perhaps being a professional recruiter is so easy anyone can do it?

Here are some reasons I think using a professional recruiter makes more sense than homegrown methods of recruiting.:

Top 10 Reasons to Call a Professional Recruiter

10. Hiring a recruiter keeps you focused on your core business.

9. Recruiters know employment law. One false move on your own could cost you way more than what you might save on a fee.

8. Recruiters can engage candidates that you cannot. For example, the best talent at a competitive business.

7. Your time is worth money. Your time and your staff time is not free.

6. Missing opportunities to get the right candidate can be very costly.

5. Recruiters will make you define the job requirements in a clear and accurate way. This gives you a higher likelihood of retaining top talent. People leave because the job was not what they were told it was.

4. Recruiters will find talent for you for years into the future once you have them on your radar. They may locate a talented candidate that is a super fit in your organization two years after a targeted search is completed.

3. Recruiters will help reduce the time to hire. Open positions are costing you money. Filling openings quicker saves you money.

2. Recruiters can negotiate salary, benefits and details less emotionally and with greater likelihood of success than you can directly.

And the number one reason you should hire a professional recruiter is:

1. A recruiter can make you money – if a professional recruiter finds even one significant candidate you might have missed on your own, or better yet, brings you a talented candidate long after a specific search is done, that candidate can drive thousands of dollars of profit to your bottom line over a 10-, 20- or 30-year career.

When it comes to attracting and retaining key talent, can you afford the homegrown, in-house method versus the use of a professional recruiter?

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We need YOU. Process, Project, Maintenance, HR, EHS Engineers.

January 6th, 2015 by Staff

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2015 is knocking on the door!

December 31st, 2014 by Staff

The staff and management of Genie Matthews & Associates would like to take this opportunity to raise a toast to yesterday’s achievements and tomorrow’s future.  May the New Year bring us more exciting opportunities to work together and a year filled with peace and prosperity for all.   Have a happy and safe new year!


Genie, George, Janet, Dave, Sara, Mair and Karen


Value is in the eye of the beholder…what does your resume say?

April 3rd, 2014 by Staff


Defining Your Value Proposition?
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A newly coined term that has become ubiquitous over the past decade in the Job Search sphere is Value Proposition. You’ll read and hear about it in association with networking, writing a resume and conducting an interview. The first step in defining your Value Proposition is also where many go wrong; they fail to understand that value, just like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder. To find your true value you must first know what people need and want from you more so than concentrating on what you have to offer.

IN A RESUME: In many new style resumes you will find various sections titled Value Proposition. Some include a text box listing highly desired skills and keywords under the section heading of Value Proposition. Some resumes include a section where they expound on valuable character traits an employer desires and title this section Value Proposition. Some resumes will list relevant achievements and accomplishments and this area is called Value Proposition. All three approaches can be successful in a resume as long as you know what the employer values most and where and how to visually place it in the resume for maximum effect.

IN AN INTERVIEW: Here too value is in knowing what the employer needs and values most in this hire and addressing that point above all others.

For instance: Company A looking to hire a new Sales Manager might consider long established customer relationships in their field as the most important value in a new hire. Company B in the same field might consider the ability to build and lead a team from scratch as the most valuable asset in a new hire. Company C also in this field might value the ability to change the existing culture and sales process as the most valuable asset in a new hire. Finally Company D in this same field might consider the ability to set goals and monitor revenues and budgets as the most valuable factor in a new hire.

As a seasoned Sales Manager who excels at all of the qualities listed above you need to know the importance each of the employers places on each skill and ability and how much and when to emphasize each during an interview so you are offering the employer maximum value for their specific need. If you focus your Value Proposition in the interview on the wrong values the company will view you as a highly qualified candidate but not the one we need to hire at this time.

IN NETWORKING: This is where I will often cut against conventional opinions. I feel your Value Proposition is molded around what you can offer to others and not about what they can do for you. For instance, when you’re participating in a 1-2 minute round robin networking event with 10 other people, 9 of them will tell you about themselves and I propose you spend your time telling the other 9 people what it is you can do to help them.

The same holds true when you make a new contact. Don’t start off telling them what you need from them or what you can offer someone they might know. Start off by telling them what the value in knowing you is for them. It can be your willingness to introduce them to others, your willingness to share nonproprietary business information, your willingness to help them on a task or project they are having difficulty with. This is a real Value Proposition they will remember you for.

This same wisdom holds true when you propose to connect on LinkedIn. Tell the person why you can be a valuable contact for them and invite them to use you, reciprocity is a given but they will be more receptive knowing the connection is a 2-way street.

Do you know a great Project Management Professional who’s looking for a change?

May 23rd, 2013 by Staff

Project Manager TX – Corpus Christi, TX 


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Sr Project Manager – Richmond, VA 

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Wishing All a happy, safe and healthy Holiday Season!

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