Strategic Supply Leader* – Columbia, MD USA

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— Lead the development of a rolling monthly supply plan with a minimum 18 month effective operational planning horizon and continuity through a telescoping 3-5 year strategic global planning horizon in both volume and financial perspectives that are aligned with growth strategies

— Interact with key stakeholders to maintain alignment of strategic growth strategies, competitive supply capabilities, global sourcing conditions, and near-term tactical plans with proactive notifications as conditions change.

— Maintain context of short and long market conditions and market share opportunities and risk to inform global/regional capacity balancing.

— Work with Demand Analysts and Operations Managers to account for constrained supply conditions to guide Demand Control actions, including mix adjustment at product grade level

— Engage in monthly Portfolio Reviews (i.e. NPI process) in coordination with Demand Analysts to coordinate and align portfolio transitions, including trials, introductions, cannibalization, and discontinuation

— Work with Supply Leads, Manufacturing, and Sourcing to collect and analyze detailed supply planning and supply-side market data

— Prepare effective Supply Review briefing materials to inform Leadership of the latest scenario-based, operational supply outlook and identify key opportunities

— Perform “what if” scenario analysis to determine alternatives and describe strategic and tactical options that lead to an operational perspective of Range-of-Outcomes (ROO)

— Communicate know constraints in accordance with Demand Planning process to balance unconstrained and constrained perspectives of demand plan

— Define and track supply performance, including attainment to schedule, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Service and Inventory Performance, Compliance to Supply Strategies, Return on Invested Capital, and other relevant metrics

— Publish the Consensus Supply Plan (CSP) with volume and financial perspectives in a timely manner, including documented assumptions, risk, and opportunities

— Proactively engages cross-functional resources to manage off-cycle updates during the development of a monthly Demand, Supply, and Integrated Consensus Demand Plan with clear delineation of materiality threshold across the portfolio

— Logs plan changes to support Management of Change (MoC) to address self-inflicted volatility through action, non-action, escalation, and other defined criteria




— Knowledge of the Business, Market, Customers, and Products supported.

— Effectively leads in conditions of ambiguity.

— Experienced in implementing strategic planning for business opportunities

— A strong motivator and visionary with high energy and drive, accompanied by clear, purposeful and frequent communications.

— Capable of compiling high volumes of data, analyzing it accurately, then aligning it with the business strategy and creating a roadmap for execution.

— Demonstrated knowledge of Advanced Planning Systems, Transactional Systems (i.e. SAP), Business Intelligence capabilities, and Microsoft Excel.

— A strategic thinker who develops and manages through key metrics that give an accurate picture of business goals and of progress updates.

— Demonstrates intellectual curiosity and a constant pursuit of addressing the unknown.

— Strong ability to lead and influence without authority.

— Proven ability to execute all phases of project management.

— Able to work in the USA without sponsorship, now or in the future. 



— B.S. degree in Supply Chain preferred, or related field

— 10+ years’ experience in operations planning

— Intimate knowledge of processes in sales management, marketing, finance, S&OP, Operations and Supply Chain



— B.S. degree in Supply Chain preferred , MBA a plus

— Experience on both the strategic and tactical sides preferred

— APICS Certification (CSCP) preferred


Apply / Submit Resume