Sr. Process Engineer – Lowell, IN USA

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As a Sr. Process Engineer for our facility, you will execute projects of significant importance, scope and complexity and will resolve common and special cause issues that impact plant quality, reliability and performance.

RESPONSIBILITIES: + In your role as Sr. Process Engineer, delivering on these responsibilities is critical to success: + Promote safety as the most important value in the organization. + Support day to day operations in the production environment and work with other staff to identify, select, prioritize and execute process improvement projects. + Provide general troubleshooting, engineering, maintenance, equipment and daily process assistance to our manufacturing line. + Partner with Quality to understand customer needs and expectations. + Continually improve & optimize current products through variation reduction. + Investigating manufacturing problems and consulting with production teams, analyzing the supporting data, recommending corrective actions, and following through on recommendations to evaluate their effectiveness. + Creating refining, educating and implementing standard work. + Use lean six sigma to eliminate waste, improve material flow, and streamline processes. + Assisting and improving the controls, equipment, and maintenance practices used to run the operations. + Support capital projects related to equipment installations, modifications, or upgrades. + Support new product development and product design Qualifications:

EDUCATION: + BS Degree in Mechanical or Chemical Engineering is required. Master’s degree in Engineering and Management is preferred.

EXPERIENCE: + 6+ years process expertise in a manufacturing environment

OTHER: + Experience with variation reduction using statistical analysis, statistical process controls (SPC), Design of Experiments (DOE), Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA), and Mean Squared Error (MSE). + Web handling, casting or coating experience preferred.

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