Maintenance Technician – Gainesville, FL USA

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Our client, a global chemical leader, is looking for qualified Maintenance Mechanics/ Technicians to handle day to day and preventive and predictive maintenance on rotating and filxed equipment, electrical, electronic, pneumatic, digital, mechanical devices and control systems for multiple buildings/ facilities.

  • Maintain, replace and perform diagnosis all mechanical, pneumatic, instrument/electrical components in and around the plant operationsincluding monitoring equipment systems to ensure components are fully operational and working to optimal capacity (this is essential to cost-effective operations and requires a strict attention-to-details mindset to meet the expectations of its internal and external customers)
  • Manage the PSM reporting
  • Oversee and direct the support personnel’s daily activities
  • Conduct periodic inspections
  • Maintain and operate equipment/systems in a safe and environmentally responsible manner for the purpose of processing the highest quality products, at all times
  • Direct, coordinate, and effectively utilize the abilities and skills of other persons in this trade group, other assisting trade groups, trainees and helpers; this shall be done in order to maintain all equipment to a high level of reliability, at minimum cost
  • Assume and accept responsibility of work outcomes in the assigned area
  • Troubleshoot, repair, modify, install, operate and perform routine, preventive and predictive maintenance on mechanical, electrical, electronic, pneumatic, digital, mechanical devices and control systems
  • Maintain a systematic procedural discipline, following a predetermined course of action for doing things
  • Develop a team atmosphere to be able to get things done in a safe, effective manner


  • Must have 3+ years experience as an instrument mechanic or electrician in industrial, municipality, energy/power, or utility companies.
  • Must successfully complete all formal training in both the instrument and electrical disciplines as well as any additional specialized training either on or off the plant site as is necessary
  • Required trainings/ experience may include, but is not limited to, the following: programmable logic controllers, broadband operation and maintenance, radiation safety, variable frequency controllers, vendor specific distributive control systems, hvac operation and maintenance, supervisory skills training, national electrical code, etc.
  • May be required to work 12-hour, rotating shifts
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