Environmental Manager* – Freeport, TX USA

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BS Chemical or Environmental Engineering, Science or related with 8-20 years of experience. Prior Management Experience is desired but not mandatory. The key is a someone who has strong Air compliance Title V experience and knowledge of Texas Regulations TCEQ. Someone who can keep the site in compliance, handle audits and permitting applications.


— Manage the Environmental Department and Environmental systems for Texas Operations in Freeport and Baytown:

— Oversee the review/interpretation of state and federal regulations and other data to determine applicability and implementation of regulations at the site.

— Develop and maintain procedures, plans, and programs to ensure Environmental compliance and continuous improvement in Environmental performance.

— Communicate with regulatory agencies as needed and provide necessary follow-up for inspections by regulatory agencies.

— In a responsible manner, provide for representation of Freeport Operations in community and environmental organizations to further goals and enhance reputation as a reliable and participating company.



— Prepare environmental permit applications, amendments, and renewals as needed.  Ensure that permits are up-to-date and permit conditions (or permit representations) contain accurate information.  Ensure permit conditions are met by plant operations.

— Develop, complete, and document (for recordkeeping purposes) and submit to the TCEQ and/or EPA prior to the regulatory deadline certain annual, semi-annual, monthly, weekly, and/or daily environmental reports for Freeport operations.  These reports include but are not limited to:


— Title V compliance reports

— SARA Title III Section 312 (Texas Tier II) and 313 (TRI Form R) reports

— Annual Emissions Inventory

— Annual NOx reports

— Annual Waste Summary

— Source Reduction and Waste Minimization Progress Plan/Report

— Air Emissions/Inspection Fee Report

— Wastewater/Water Quality and Hazardous/Non hazardous Waste Fee Forms

— Water Development Board Report

— Semi-annual NSPS Subpart NNN, VV, and Kb reports

— Monthly waste shipment summaries

— Monthly/annual TPDES wastewater DMR reports

— Weekly hazardous waste inspections

— Daily environmental inspections

— Review of EPA annual Risk Management Plan (RMP)


— Perform and/or verify monthly, quarterly, and annual fugitive VOC emissions monitoring and tagging, monthly cooling tower VOC monitoring, and weekly visual VOC inspections of pumps and flanges. These duties include:

— Continual update of the fugitive VOC database

— Documentation / recordkeeping of inspection reports and administrative documents (calibration log, leak history, leak log, and work orders)

— Submittal of semi-annual reports

— Ensuring that components in the plant are tagged as appropriate


— Perform various documentation, administrative, and recordkeeping functions for the following:

— Subpart NNN car seal inspection/logbook

— Subpart Kb logbook

— Subpart Dc logbook

— Waste burn log

— Notice of Registration (NOR) with the TCEQ


— Report air emission events, wastewater excursions, spills and incidents to the TCEQ, NRC, LEPC, and/or SERC, as required.  Assist in spill cleanup coordination to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal regulations.  Assist in incident investigation in the event the emissions or spill event results in a reportable quantity.  Calculate emissions from spills.

— Arrange for waste disposal and shipments.  Responsible for the documentation and recordkeeping for handling of hazardous and non-hazardous waste for the purpose of storage, transport, and disposal as specified in RCRA and state regulations.  These documents include:

— NOR registrations and updates with the TCEQ STEERS program

— Waste profile updates

— TCLP testing of waste

— Waste manifests

— Waste management unit area inspections

— Facilitate and support systems for managing co-products, including assessment of compliance requirements and optimal financial arrangements.

— Manage general plant housekeeping through the development of procedures and supervision of Environmental Technicians.


People Leadership:

— Cultivate a more highly skilled, motivated, and effective department through direct, focused communication.

— Manage the growth, development, compensation and rewards of Texas high potential employees, working with NA HR.

— As a member of site management, participate in the decision making process to develop and administer site HR policies.

— Provide support as needed to the Director — Texas Operations



— Bachelor Degree, preferably Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering, or demonstrated equivalency

— Minimum 5 years, preferred 10+ years in EHS, w/ management roles in a manufacturing environment

— Specific Functional Competencies:

— Implement and follow  ISO Quality programs; lead the Site’s Responsible Care®Management efforts and manage the OSHA VPP Program

— Pass medical physical exam by company doctors and remain capable in accordance with the prescribed “Fit for Duty” job analysis.

— Communication – Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, to convey information effectively


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