Controls/ Electrical Engineer – Greenville, NC USA

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Great opportunity to support multiple chemical plants as Plant level Electrical & Instrument Engineer, with responsibility for the designs, operation, and maintenance of electrical, instruments and control equipment for a global chemical leader.


— Involved with operation and maintenance of electrical and mechanical instruments and control equipment, as well as programming and making program modifications for computer control systems
— Write specifications for selection of new instrumentation and electrical spare parts stock
— Implement plan for process automation for all operating areas
— Assist in programming and making program modifications for computer control systems
— Assist with training plant employees in the operation and maintenance of computer-controlled instrumentation
— Functions as a technical advisor and / or a team member to Maintenance I/E Teams
— Assist all areas with investigating reasons for equipment failures as requested
— Inspect projects, plants, and equipment on a routine basis
— BS Electrical Engineering degree with 2+ years experience in Electrical, Instrument and Controls Automation in chemical process and related plant operations
— Solid experience in design, installation and startup of electrical systems and instrumentation/ controls interface.
— Working knowledge of chemical plant operations to effectively apply instrumentation to equipment
— Basic knowledge of current process control technology in the areas of servers and networking
— Knowledge of and experience in process control networking protocols and hardware.
— Ability to work now or in the future without sponsorship.
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